Food by Culture

A Nonya Family Recipe – Babi Pongteh

Like all Nonya recipes, almost every family has their own version of Babi Pongteh. Some have it more salty, more watery, less tangy, less sweet… I like it with a stew-like consistency with a nice tangy caramelised sweetness, poured over steaming white rice. Pretty much heaven :-)

A Soupy Cure – Watercress and Pork Rib Soup

Watercress is packed with calcium, iron, Vitamin A, B & C and a whole bunch of other stuff that is good for you. :-) Traditionally, Watercress soup is thought to be good for respiratory ailments like coughs, cold, asthma and is an expectorant. Plus, it helps with weigh loss too as it contains potassium which has diuretic properties…